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Staff Profiles


In her own words…

I have owned and operated an Accounting and Tax Practice firm established in the State of Florida from 1994 through 2021.

In 2018, I started a tax resolution practice, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, following my introduction to Mr. Michael Rozbruch’ s (a CPA and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist), Tax and Business Solutions Academy. Between my work experience along with his training program, I chose to commit my practice primarily to helping clients resolve issues with tax problems arising from non-compliance with the IRS and State agencies tax filings and payments. A service, I had been providing on a per need basis, throughout my CPA practice for over 20 years. I have been successful in resolving my client’s tax problems as they arose, and it was a gratifying service. After completing the training, I recognized the benefits to be had for both my practice as well as for prospective clients in businesses, as well as individuals experiencing issues with taxing authorities. I was inspired to create The Strategic Tax & Business Solutions, LLC (aka STBS) entity.

To expand on my professional background, I am a Certified Public Accountant in the States of Florida (1995) and New York (since 1985; presently pending registration renewal). I began my career in accounting right after High School graduation as a Payroll Clerk (eventually promoted to Assistant Payroll Dept. Supervisor). I held positions as a full-time, Full-Charge, Bookkeeper while attending college at night carrying a full credit load per semester. I graduated as a Bachelor of Science Major in Accounting. Following my graduation, I became employed in Certified Public Accounting firms where I obtained auditing experience. I followed the public accounting career by becoming a Bank Field Examiner (Officer’s positions Auditing the Commercial Bank’s Customers with outstanding collateralized loans, as well as prospective customers seeking those types of financial loans).

In summary, I have over 50 years’ experience in the field of Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation.

I am confident that I will provide existing and prospective business owners and individuals with expert advice and guidance with their tax resolutions and related issues. However, I am unable to guarantee what the results of our efforts will be as the Taxing Agencies are solely responsible for determining those results. Nevertheless, I will use my expertise to provide all clients with the best outcome possible within the law.

Looking forward to meeting with you.

AWILDA CASTRO, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

In her own words…

I am a seasoned and Licensed Social Work Clinician with forty plus years of experience in treating adults and families in human Services, Social Work Education, Training and Supervision, Administration and Evaluations of Community Organizations. I have also been a sole business owner of a Clinical Practice based in New York (10 years) and in Florida (for 20 plus years).

My professional experience contributed to honing my skills set in interviewing, evaluating, and understanding needs and applying effective interventions and problem-solving strategies to promote client satisfaction as consumers.

I am confident that my sound and effective skills in administering, organizing, and evaluating client as well as our organizations needs will effectively meet the service needs of the population that the Strategic Tax and Business Solutions, LLC (aka STBS) serves.

I look forward to continuing to strengthen STBS’s goals by assuring the effective delivery of services and client satisfaction in my role as its Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.